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My background

I became a funeral celebrant in 2012 after 25 years in the voluntary sector working with vulnerable young people and their families, and with people experiencing loss and trauma. 

​I have worked in my local community cafe supporting adults with special needs and been a volunteer visitor for Independent Age, a charity supporting older people. ​

Why I do what I do

I decided to train as a funeral celebrant because I believe that we should and can make ceremony and ritual personal and relevant to us and our lives and to those of our families and our friends. 

I believe that a 'good' funeral can help us to express the huge range of emotions that come with death, can bring comfort and inspiration, and is a vital part of the grieving and ultimately healing process. 

I am committed to supporting and encouraging families and friends to play as active a role as they want and feel comfortable with. There are so many ways that we can make a funeral ceremony a more meaningful and personal experience, none of which have to be expensive or indeed cost anything at all. I will be guided by you. 

I regularly facilitate a local Death Café where we gather to eat cake and talk about anything and everything to do with death and our finite lives. 

I'd like to thank the families I've worked with for their permission to use photographs from their funeral ceremonies. They inspire me every day. 

I live in north London and work across the City and beyond.  

I studied with Green Fuse, an award winning independent funeral directors in Devon 

I am a Director of The Good Funeral Guide 

I am a Director of Coffin Club North London 

I am a member of the Good Funeral Guild 


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