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Uncertain times

The coronavirus pandemic has left us all reeling. Our lives have changed beyond recognition.

And it's had the most unimaginable impact on how we do funerals. With numbers restricted and those present not being able to comfort one another you may not be able to hold the ceremony you'd planned. 

I know this may feel heartbreaking and unfair, even when we understand the necessity of it, it doesn’t always make sense when we're grieving. 

If you can’t be together physically it’s still possible to support one another and create a ceremony that brings comfort and connection. Honouring the person that’s died in the best way we can.

Please call me to talk about it in more detail but in the meantime here’s a few suggestions. 


Some ideas to consider

A webcast from the crematorium or burial chapel so those who can't attend can take part too. 

Meet with family and friends online. You can share memories and photos. Enjoy the person's favourite meal and raise a glass. And play their favourite music or watch a film they liked.

Or plan a formal online ceremony via video-conferencing , resembling the sort of funeral rituals you’re more familiar with.  

You may be surprised at quite how intimate and supportive they can feel.

For those not confident about this way of communicating you may have someone in your circle who can talk you through it or just chat on the phone.

Start making plans to have a memorial ceremony in the future when it’s possible to meet together again. 

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